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“DOR” 5th edition. Concert of classical music, 30 September 2023

Our history, vision, and partners

Motto: "Let’s not get lost in the world"

Agora was born out of the desire to highlight the real values of Romania, to speak, at European level, about our traditions, our identity and our cultural heritage.

And what other name could be more appropriate than "agora", a term of Greek origin that means a public market in the cities of ancient Greece, and where public gatherings were held. Because we are nothing more than a gathering of hearts brought together, of energies that are being used to promote our country.

Agora for LIFE team:

Who We Are

Three founding members: an engineer, a geographer and a lawyer.
What can three people do?
They can bring other people with them! Thus, together with people who find themselves through what we do, things are being born, that talk about the profound Romania.
A Romania that one needs to feel, to know its history and to understand why it is so and not different. A Romania that you discover through the things we organize in Belgium.

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Event Schedules

24 Oct, 2020

Enescu- Rapsodia unui destin , 24 october 2020

19:00 PM - 21:00 PM, Bruxelles
09 Oct, 2021

“DOR” . Concert of classical music ( 3th edition)

19:00 PM - 19:00PM, Bruxelles
19 Mar, 2022

Bucătăria Hoinară se Întoarce

18:00 PM - 18:00 PM, Bruxelles
29 Oct, 2022

Concert of classical music DOR 4th Edition

19:00 PM - 21:00 PM, Bruxelles

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